1674 Hanover St

Welcome to Hanover
Captian O'Conner greets the team

Hi, I’m Captain O’Conner. But the crew around here just calls me Capt. Wow…. You guys must have done something really out there to end up here. Central doesn’t normally send us this much new meat at one time. I mean don’t get me wrong we are always looking for the help, but like those burned out bulbs in the hallway… well we are pretty low on the totem pole around here. Not to say we don’t get action. some of the hairiest in the whole city if ya ask me. It’s just that that action is…. a bit tough to check mark on the departments shift reports if ya catch my drift. You should probably go see Wes, he will be your pointman for your first mission with us. Welcome aboard, but don’t get to comfortable most of you probably won’t last that long.


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