Captain O'Conner

the man in charge of Hanover St.


HP 18
Wits: 10
Strngth: 8

a master in hand to hand combat
one of the top marksmen at Hanover St.


He is a man in a job that no one wants. The odd part about him is, he requested this gig. He’s always believed in the things that “go bump in the night.” Hanover St. lets his department diagnosed paranoia act as an asset. He will tell you stories that will turn your hair grey and you know every word is true. He has the scars to prove ‘em.
An Marine brat growing up, he has never really had a desire for a family of his own, I mean sure, there have been women and more and more often there seems to be one woman… but he’s not the settling down type. Seems something always changes his plans when he starts to feel those roots breaking ground.
O’Conner collected more chest decor in the military than he cares to admit yet somehow never rose to his apparently proper rank. Stayed a low level grunt his entire tours. He’d get a commendation and just before the promotion there’d be a fight with a CO. or almost as often just after the promotion he would be back before the panel for a court-martial. They’d give him a rank and almost before the ink was dry he’d hand it back to them.

Captain O'Conner

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